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martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

BBE Sonic Maximizer v2.0


BBE Sonic Maximizer v2.0

The BBE Sonic Maximizer plug-in works with many host applications:

The BBE Sonic Maximizer plug-in will add brilliance, depth, detail and definition to your music in many PC and Mac audio software applications that accept Direct X and VST plug-ins, from multi-track recording to sampling to remixing.

The BBE Sonic Maximizer plug-in works superblywith these and other host applications:

• Steinberg Cubase, VST and SL
• Bias Peak
• Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Sound Forge XP, Acid and CD Architect
• Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro
• Cakewalk SONAR, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cakewalk Home Studio, Cakewalk Guitar Studio, Cakewalk Guitar Tracks, Cakewalk Club Tracks, Cakewalk Professional, Pyro, and Cakewalk Express

BBE's best sonic quality with plug-in convenience:

Owning the Sonic Maximizer Plug-in is the equivalent of having a rack full of BBE 882i units with automation, just the thing for processing multiple tracks simultaneously. The most important thing in developing the Sonic Maximizer algorithm was to accurately capture the quality of our fourth generation Sonic Maximizer processor featured in our 482i and 882i products.

Windows Minimum Requirements:

Intel-based PC or compatible (486 or higher)
4 MB of free hard-disk space
16 MB of RAM
256 color VGA video or better
Windows 9.x, ME, 2000
Host application that supports DirectX plugins

Macintosh Minimum Requirements:

Power Mac based 604e Processor, G3, or G4
120 MHz processor 64 MB RAM
Mac OS 8.5
4 MB Hard drive space
VST 2 compliant host application

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