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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Bornemark Broomstick Bass v1.0.0


Bornemark Broomstick Bass v1.0.0

Broomstick Bass is a "self-playing musical instrument", to be used as a session partner, composition assistant or a deluxe bass sound archive.

Broomstick Bass is fully loaded with easy-to-use bass riffs and grooves. The user just has to play some chords and listen to Broomstick Bass following the harmonies and intentions. There are loads of patterns for inspiration and composition and a manual mode for playing your own bass lines.

Not just another virtual instrument

Broomstick Bass is a unique tool specially created by bass players for fellow musicians. It contains over 20 multisampled classic and special bass instruments, including keyboard and pedal basses - not to mention an authentic "broomstick" bass! All bass guitars have been recorded with a variety of common performance practices, including slides, staccato, hammer-ons etc - all easily accessible from the MIDI control octave.

More than just a high-quality sound resource, Broomstick Bass is also fully loaded with tons of self-playing basslines - easy-to-use bass riffs and grooves in a variety of styles, each containing 8 musical variations that are easily selectable in real time, via mouse or MIDI keyboard.

In addition, a cool selection of effects ensures that your basslines cut through any mix, while also providing opportunity for some over the top creativity! (These are also available as a separate plug-in within a host application for use on other tracks.)

With real-time MIDI chord recognition, the possibility to edit basslines, and a number of performance-enhancing features, Broomstick Bass automatically follows song harmonies, and provides extra opportunities for adding subtle nuances and "feel" to your music. Of course, there's also a manual mode for those times when you simply want to play your own basslines!

With support for VST and AU, Broomstick Bass provides cross-platform flexibility to suit a variety of working situations.

*RTAS compatible via Fxpansion's VST-RTAS converter.

Size is everything!

With many of the very high quality virtual instruments being quite "hungry" when it comes to hard disk space and memory, Broomstick Bass proves something of an exception. Although comprising 3GB of raw data, the use of clever lossless compression means that it won't eat more than 1GB of hard disk space, or 40MB of memory when in use, so it's very practical for using alongside other VSTi-s, or on notebook computers.

Finally, purchasing your Broomstick Bass is just the start. Designed with expandability in mind, further instruments and basslines will also be available for registered users to download free of charge!

More than 20 multi sampled classic and special bass instruments: electric and acoustic (recorded with pick, fingers, vibrato etc), keyboard and pedal basses.
A real time musical MIDI engine that provides tons of realistic, common, characteristic and specialized self-playing bass lines. All logically categorized into styles and sub-styles.
All bass guitars have been recorded with a variety of common practice performances, including slide up and down, staccato, hammer-ons and pull-offs – all easily accessible from the MIDI control octave.
A cool selection of useful bass-effects (on the Edit page) make sure the bass lines cut through any mix. These tools may also be used for experimentation when you want to go over the top.


Первый виртуальный бас-гитарист для VST-совместимых приложений. Программа разработана Bornemark Software, авторами идеи Groove Agent и Virtual Guitarist. Broomstick Bass - новый самоиграющий музыкальный инструмент, который может быть использован для автоаккомпанимента на сессиях, в помощь композиторам и аранжировщикам, а также как библиотека басовых звуков исключительного качества. Для игры на Broomstick Bass достаточно взять несколько аккордов на клавиатуре, и программа построит на заданной гармонической основе басовые риффы и секвенции. Помимо большого количества готовых паттернов, программа может быть использована и для самостоятельной игры с клавиатуры. Основные возможности: Более 20 мультисемплированных классических и особых инструментов: электрических и акустических бас-гитар (игра медиатором, пальцами, слэпом, эффекты, вибрато и т.п.), клавишных и педальных басов. Движок musical MIDI engine, создающий в реальном времени реалистичные, базовые, типичные и особые басовые линии. Все пресеты рассортированы по стилям и подстилям. Все бас-гитары записаны с всевозможными вариациями, присущими живому исполнению, включая слайды, стакатто, слэп и др. - все вариации легко контролируются по MIDI. Богатая подборка полезных bass-effects. Broomstick Bass рассчитан на дальнейшее расширение. В будущих версиях добавятся новые инструменты и басовые секвенции.

System requirements

CPU: Pentium III, 800MHz
RAM: 512MB
Operating system: Windows XP
Required hard disk space: 850MB
Required media: DVD

CPU: G3, 600MHz
RAM: 512MB
Operating system: OS X v10.3
Required hard disk space: 850MB

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