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martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

Clone Ensemble Psycho Toolkit VST.DX.v1.1


Clone Ensemble Psycho Toolkit VST.DX.v1.1

Creative sound torture

Seven hardcore tools for advanced sound design

Unexpected results of some seriously twisted R&D

It'll make your Momma cry...

Psycho Toolkit is a bundle of plugins that were largely unexpected results of research while developing Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo and Voice Trap. The tools are aimed at sound design rather than mainstream audio production.
Psycho Toolkit includes:

Barnum Preamp - OTT warmth-adding analogizer thingy
Excitable Boy - aural enhancer / exciter that goes too far
Flip Speed - rectification-based and playback speed octave generator with an attitude problem
Metal Demon - death metal vocal effect to defile the purest voice
Sick Puppy - seriously twisted wave-peak analysis distortion generator
Trash Triode - vacuum tube and cheap amp construction kit
Water Glass - noise reduction and texture generation

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