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martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

CrySonic CRYQ v1.0 free download descargar gratis


CrySonic CRYQ v1.0-AMPLiFY

Price (MSRP): $49.95

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased
Mac OS X

Not Released

CRY 'Q™- Inspired by Vintage EQ 's, CRY 'Q captures and recreates as close as possible the sound and character from some of the most popular classic EQ's in the past. Combining this ability with an extremely intuitive user interface and the ' volume-preserving ' feature that enables you to hear what the EQ section is doing without a significant boost or cut in the perceived loudness ensures an unsurpassed work flow that is easy, fast, re-producible and reliable!

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CRY 'Q™significantly reduces the sterile digital sound that is found in most other EQ's. CRY 'Q is ideal for recording, mastering, mixing, restoration, audio post production. and track sweetening.

CRY 'Q™ main features

• 10 Band Vintage Inspired Minimum phase EQ over 4-Octaves
• Semi-Parametric Band frequency adjustment
• Filter bandwidth (Q) widens at minimal settings and narrows at higher settings
• Filter Boost / Cut: +/- 12dB
• Filter Slope 12dB per Octave
• EQ amount controllable by ratio
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• Unique and Intuitive RMS Meters
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized custom DSP code
• and much more


• Mastering, Mixing, restoration, audio post production and track sweetening.

Minimum system requirements and compatibility

· Windows XP/2000
· 256 MB Ram
· Pentium III 1000 MHz
· VST Supporting Host application

Most professional audio hosts offer VST support nowadays. If your audio application doesn't support VST but only DirectX, you still can use CRY 'Q™. All you need is a VST-DirectX wrapper software. Such software can host CRY'Q VST plugin and it will behave like a DirectX plugin to applications that only support DX audio plugins.

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