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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008




Spectra Master EQ provides the ability to adjust multi-octave harmonics within an intuitive multi-band environment in two modes. Spectra 'Q also incorporates a vintage inspired 10-band EQ, look ahead transparent loudness maximizing with smooth peak limiting (based on Crysonic's "Spectra' PHY" technology) and a 4-band low-frequency phase tweaking section.

Main features and uses:

* Improve and fix overall balance of the harmonic presentation of music, instruments or vocals.
* 10-Band Vintage Inspired EQ.
* 10-Band Multi-Octave Harmonics Adjustment.
* Transparent Look-Ahead loudness maximization with smooth peak limiting (Spectra' PHYT tech.).
* 4-Band Low Frequency Phase Adjustment.
* Linear or Impulse Harmonics modes.
* EQ amount controllable by ratio.
* All sections can be used separately.
* Full automation for all parameters via the host.
* Custom Presets.
* Unique and Intuitive RMS Meters.
* A/B Different modes for low/high CPU usage.
* Can also be used as an advanced Exciter, unique AMP simulator, Vintage EQ.
* 64-bit internal precision.
* 24bit/96Khz audio support.
* Highly optimized custom DSP code.
* Harmonically balance a mix during Final Mastering.
* Vitalize dynamics.
* Add classic analog warmth or tube saturation effects.
* Final mastering EQ, can be coupled with Harmonic enhancement.
* Loudness maximization with transient preservation.
* Enhance, clarify bass frequency sections.
* Vintage Amp saturation type effects.
* and many more, as each section of Spectra'q can be used separately and creatively.

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