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martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

Disco DSP Vertigo v2 kostenloses Download download gratuito frigör nedladdningen


Disco DSP Vertigo v2 - PARADOX

Price (MSRP): $99 / €75

Windows 2.6 DownloadReleased

Up to 16 voices polyphony.

256 breakpoints parabolic envelopes with stage slope control.

Euler generated (Max: -120dB s/noise ratio) (no wavetables used).
Up to 256 per voice.
2 Modulation sources with morphing.
Note pitchshift amount.
Frequency ratio.
Frq/amp envelope (see Envelope above).
CPU usage: 256 partial program = 60%. (P3 – 800 Mhz).

Synthesis options
Harmonize (Harmonic/Odd Harmonic vocoder).
Phase smearing.
Frequency smearing (ensemble).
Classic waveform generator assistant (saw/sqr/tri/2xsaw/...).

-24dB/Oct modes: Lowpass/Hipass/Bandpass/Notch + -12dB/Oct Lowpass mode.
Cutoff envelope.
Wheel/Key/Velocity modulation amounts for cutoff.
Wheel/Velo modulation amounts for resonance.

Two resonant filters (serial/parallel mode).
Pitch envelope.
Amplitude envelope.
Pitchbend control.

Mono Effects
Distortion (8 times oversampled overdrive with softclip).
Phaser (up to 128 taps).
Equalizer (6 bands).

Stereo Effects

Resynthesis and Sampling
WAV PCM analysis. Bitmap import.
Method: Overlapped FFT windows/parabolic peak estimation.
Partial amp/frq tracking.
1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 FFT framesizes.
4 Windows: Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman.
Peak level detection threshold control.
Peak desestimation using 'ATH' (Absolute Hearing Threshold) and 'Tone Masker' psycho acoustic models.

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