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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum VSTi - PC


EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum VSTi - PC




*Produced by award-winning QUANTUM LEAP producer NICK PHOENIX.

Gigabytes of Loops and Multi-Samples from 3 world-class percussionists
and 1 lunatic producer with enough taiko drums to fill an 18 wheeler!

*1000’s of completely original, evolving drum beds, featuring some of the largest and most impressive drums on the planet.

*Multi-sampled drum kits and percussion with up to 20-way velocity-switching, organic tech percussion, metal shop, big hits.

*Recorded at the Record Plant, Studio A.


began when producer NICK PHOENIX went to the Record Plant Studios in
Los Angeles to record some big film grooves for movie trailers he was
working on. He hired some the best percussionists in the world (Tal
Bergman, Richie Garcia, Michito Sanchez), and filled up Studio A with
hundreds of drums. The Record Plant said they had never seen anything
like it! After a complex setup, they were ready to roll. Everything was
recorded through Neuman mics into an SSL

Console to 2 inch analog tape and later transfered to 24 bit, 88.2 digital.

Now, after years of recording, editing, and programming, STORMDRUM has arrived!

beats in STORMDRUM are the result of a desire to get a big film score
sound, but not be derivitive. There are many different kinds of grooves
with many variations. It would be a mistake to judge the sound of the
library without listening to the many different loops. All of the more
break-like grooves are based on live grooves and manipulated to sound
more electronic. You will find many uses for these beats, but the
intention was for them to be useful in film scoring.

The percussion is really nice and extensively multi-sampled. There are some really useful and unusual gems in there.

There is a big emphasis on big sounding drums. The 7 man Thunder Ensemble is a first in commercial sample libraries.

NOTE: Kompakt version only.

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