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domingo, 23 de marzo de 2008



IndependenceFree 2.0.0.WINfull

Category: Virtual Instruments
Total Size: 1.81 GB

ndependence Free 2.0.0 comes with all the powerful features of the Independence Sampler version 2.0.0 - only the import of audio files is not supported.

The intuitive user interface, the unique file management, an ultra fast streaming integration, the Auto-RAM-Cleaner and Multi-Core support give you an unmatched performance and allow you to load an unlimited number of instruments in seconds.

You can use Independence Free even for commercial use without any restrictions and save all your Projects, Layer Sets, Layers and presets. Independence Free is not connected to the yellow tools Authorization Key, so you do not have to purchase anything to get started.

Please check out the Independence product detail pages to get all the information about this powerful sampler, its sophisticated features and the premium sound library.

• Acoustic & Electronic Drum Kits

• Acoustic & Electric Basses

• Acoustic & Electric Guitars

• Electric Pianos

• Synthesizers

• Ethno & Tonal Percussion

• World Percussion

• Pipe Organ

• Arpeggiator

• Groove Instruments

• Arranger

• Step Sequencer

# Intuitive & easy-to-use multipage user interface

# Unlimited number of Layers (multitimbral)

# Unlimited number of samples

# Unlimited polyphony

# RF-HDD ultra fast streaming technology

# Auto-RAM-Cleaner for optimal RAM usage

# Pro Surround Environment up to 7.1

# Project, Layer Set and Layer search option

# Professional built-in mixer environment

# Flexible modifiers

# Over 50 custom tune models

# Unique multi dynamic legato mode

# Advanced multi dynamic alternate mode

# MIDI Groove player & editor

# Intelligent audio files browser

# Custom Auto-Mapping import

# Hi-res wave-from display

# Automatic groove recognition

# Sophisticated mapping editor

# Unique controly of Layers, Alternates & Sections

# Host & MIDI automation

# Over 30 stunning insert filters & effects

# "ORIGAMI" impulse response engine

# Premium impulse response files "INSPIRED ACOUSTICS"

# Mic Modeler & Cabinet Modeler

# Unlimited number of BUS channels

# Unlimited number of Custom channels (virtual internal channels)

# MIDI program change

# Pre-cache option for immediate instrument switch

# Unipolar & bipolar step modulator (128 STEPS)

# Unipolar & bipolar free envelope (unlimited markers)

# 2 Keyswitch modes (global and Layer internal)

# Host learn & MIDI learn option

# Editable Layer notepad

# 2 sync modes (host & internal tempo)

# realtime auto-sync

# Hundreds of editable presets

# Active and passive velocity range

# Intelligent polyphony management per key

# Detailed content browser

# Absolute and relative filter settings

# Detailed audio sample status bar

# 2 pitch modes (hertz & semitones)

# Massive 18GB premium sound library

# AKAI S1000/S3000 import*

# Cross-plattform & cross-host compatibility

# Expandable with sound and software extension

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