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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

KResearch KR-Space R 1.1.0 VST


KResearch KR-Space R 1.1.0 VST WIN-NEMESiS



KR-Space is a superb quality modular reverb-echoes based multi-effect plug-in which can produce a multitude of different types of effects, from traditional echoes and reverbs, to very complex soundscapes, modulation and filtering effects, resonating echoes and reflections, saturation effects and other types of effects which are not available on any commercially available plug-in of this type.

To achieve this wide range of effect creation KR-Space uses a proprietary design and a flexible modular architecture where the different available modules can be switched on and off or routed in various combinations allowing more flexibility in effect design. The modular architecture also allows more efficient CPU utilization since only the modules that are switched on contribute to the CPU overhead.

KR-Space introduces the Animated Object Space Emulator (AOSE) where the user has control over a number of spherical objects which are placed in our virtual environment and affect the sound output in a multitude of ways. These objects have various user controlled characteristics like size, resonance, oscillation frequency, reflection characteristics etc. and can be animated (move) in our virtual environment affecting the total sound output.

Additionally to the proprietary AOSE the main reverberation engine features separate damping controls for early and late reflections allowing more detail filtering control and thus expanding the total range of available effects and also introduces our Asymmetric Reflection Scheme for more realistic reverb and echoes creation.

Animated Object Space Emulator (AOSE) Module
Proprietary Design/DSP engine for unique effect creation
Object Frequency and Frequency Variation controls
Object Size and Size Variation controls
Object Resonance and Resonance Variation controls
Object Size LFO Oscillation with amplitude controls
Object Distance positioning with Variation controls
Object Animation speed and traveling distance controls
Object inter-reflection feedback control
Room reflections control
Reflection Asymmetry control
Low Pass Filter (LPF)
Limiter/Saturator with threshold control
Output Level control
Output Dry/Wet mix control
Space (Reverberation) Module
Proprietary Design/DSP engine for unique effect creation
Switch-able Pre-Delay sub-module with Delay time and stereo Balance controls
Switch-able Early Reflections sub-module with room Size, stereo Balance, Diffusion, Asymmetry and independent Damping adjustable filter controls.
Switch-able Late Reflections sub-module with room Size, stereo Balance, Diffusion, Asymmetry, independent Damping adjustable filters, Decay, Modulation Frequency and Amplitude controls.
Master Equalizer (Low / High) +/-12db controls
Early / Late Reflections Mix control
Dry / Wet mix control
Output Level control

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