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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Native Instruments Dynamo v.1.0.3 free download


Native Instruments Dynamo v.1.0.3 + Crack

Price (MSRP): $199

Windows 1.03 DownloadReleased

:: Release Notes ::

DYNAMO - Insant Access To The Future Of Sound.

DYNAMO opens the way into the fascinating world of
REAKTOR: the 25 instruments of the present NI Premium
Library which are included can be integrated perfectly
into your studio via VST 2.0, ASIO, Digidesign Direct-
Connect and the Logic MIDI-environment. Get inspired
by the incomparable Premium Library which comprises not
only conventional analog and FM synthesizers but also
very interesting hybrid instruments, completely new
kinds of synthesizers, extraordinary rhythm machines
and much more. The presets, created by top sound-
designers, will enable you to work with your luxurious
fleet of synthesizers right away and get straight into


32Bit Real-time Synthesis
Adjustable internal processing speed from 22.05 kHz to 132.3 kHz
Freely connectable signal processing structures
Freely connectable signal processing structures
Maximum number of instruments: 16
Maximum number of voices per instrument: 64
128 snapshots per instrument
Full MIDI control (In/Out) of all panel elements
Audio-Recording and WAV (PC) / AIFF (MAC) file Export
Synthesis: Analogue Modelling, Waveshaping, FM, Waveset, & Granular Synthesis, Sampling
Imports WAV and AIFF (PC and Mac) as well as SoundDesigner II (Mac)
Premium Library included (25 Reaktor synth/sampler/FX ensembles)


- VST© 2.0 PlugIn
- ASIO-Audiocards
- WIN: MME Soundcard-compatible
- WIN: DirectSound Soundcard-compatible
- MAC: Soundmanager-compatible
- MAC: Digidesign© DirectConnect
- MAC: MOTU Audiosystem (MAS) Input-PlugIn
- MAC: MOTU FreeMidi Support



Junatik offers a surprisingly authentic recreation of
a popular synthesizer of the early 80's with additional
eq, distorsion and delay.


Extraordinary synth for atmospheric pads and many
other, lively, organic and fascinating sounds and


3-OSC offers you the straight-forward voice
architecture of classical simple analog synthesizers.


6-Pack combines sequence-controlled sample playback
with loop playback based on Granular Synthesis.


Beat Breaker is a very powerful tool to rearrange
existing loops or to create completely new loops.


Cube-X is probably the most flexible FM synth of
the NI Premium Library.


Cyclane is a charismatic drum-synthesizer, an unusual
FM-synthesizer and,furthermore, a mixer with filters,
resonators and delay.


Drumatik emulates the analog sound generation of
classical beatboxes and, consequently, allows to
emulate lots of the popular beatbox sounds.


A virtual drum-computer with seven instruments and a


Formantor gives you the option to control pitch,
replay speed and even formant shift of any sample
independently of each other.


Fritz FM generates its sounds based on FM-synthesis
(frequency modulation). Six "operators" produce
sine- and parabolic wave forms and mutually modulate
each other's frequencies.


Geek-FX provides a wide variety of partly exceptional
effects for the flexible effect processing of audio
inputs or samples.


With Gonzzo you can assign different playback
parameters to eight samples. Therefore it is a superior
drum sample player but, of course, you can load other
kinds of samples likewise.


This synthesizer is less vintage-model-oriented but
rather offers an innovative hybrid-concept.
Wildstyle Presets!


ManyMood emulates one of the most successful and
legendary synthesizers of all times: The Minimoog.


Matrix Modular combines the flexibility of a
completely modular concept with the clarity of a
compact synthesizer.


Me2SalEM emulates - even twice - a legend in the
history of synthesizers: the famous SEM synthesizer
module of the Oberheim company.

NanoWave is an hommage to the legendary WaveTable
synthesizers of PPG and Waldorf and has some special
features on the oscillator level which result in a
significantly wider variety of sounds.


New Primitive features a rhythm-machine which is
controlled by 16- step sequencers that run in parallel.
A sampler and a little synthesizer with typical
"analog" waveforms are used to generate the sound.


Newscool is a rhythm machine with an innovative
concept: A simple 16-step sequencer triggers four
drum synthesizers.


Plasma uses the extraordinary potentials of Granular
Synthesis to change almost any sample into tight and
atmospheric sounds.


rAmpler has a transparent design and is easy to use,
has a brilliant sound, great filters, FM and many
modulation routings.


Random Step Shifter rearranges the sixteenth notes of
loaded sample loops according to an intelligent random
principle and thus creates new loops in no time.


Pulsing basses, screaming hooks and hard noises are
essential when it comes to making Techno and House
music. The SH-2K emulates one of the most famous synths
for such music styles.


Sine Beats is a beatbox - based on three sine
oscillators and a noise generator - which can generate
a variety of classical sounds but likewise totally new
beatbox sounds.


Triptonizer uses the specific potentials of the
granular synthesis for extraordinary tone colours
of instruments.


Uranus offers an extensive voice architecture with
three oscillators, a shaping/distortion unit, two
multimode filter, four envelope generators, two LFOs,
and is well suited for the whole range of analog sounds

:: Install Notes ::

Run SETUPDYNAMO103.EXE and follow instructions.

Copy CRACK\NOCDCRACK.EXE to the installed directory\BIN
and run it to remove the CD Checks from Dynamo.

Use the included Keygen (crack directory) to generate
your own key when running dynamo for the first time.

Cost: $199

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