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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008



Native.Instruments.Komplete.4.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.PC.ONLY.DVDR.D1-D8-AMPLiFY - 8 DVD

Native.Instruments.Komplete.4.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.PC.ONLY.DVDR.D1-D8-AMPLiFY - 8 DVD

KOMPLETE 4 is the ultimate bundle for musicians and producers. Twelve ground-breaking
synthesizers, samplers, emulations, effects and a virtual guitar studio turn computer-based
set-ups into truly comprehensive, professional production suites.
KOMPLETE 4 means unlimited creative freedom in all situations: live performance, music
production, instrument and sound design. Over 8,500 presets and 4 sample libraries totalling
over 50 GB offer a wealth of material to start with straight away!

REAKTOR 5fully modular sound design studio
ABSYNTH 4 synthesizer with unrivalled sonic potential
GUITAR RIG 2 guitar amps, cabinets and effects emulation
KONTAKT 2 the ultimate next-generation sampler
BATTERY 3 the pioneering drum sample expert
AKOUSTIK PIANO 3 famous grands and 1 upright
ELEKTRIK PIANO four legendary electric stage pianos
B4 II the award-winning tonewheel organ emulation
FM8 radically expanded FM synthesizer
PRO-53 the perfect emulation of an analog synth classic
VOKATOR the new dimension in vocoding
NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY unique FFT-based delay effect

1. Install Komplete 4 (use "Keygen.exe" to get serial).
2. Run "Komplete 4 Patch-AMPLiFY.exe" to patch
standalone-vsti files (select plugins you have
installed and want to be patched).
3. Run "Komplete 4 DXi Patch-AMPLiFY.exe" to patch DXi
files (select plugins you have installed and want to be
4. Run "Komplete 4 RTAS Patch-AMPLiFY.exe" to patch
RTAS files (select plugins you have installed and
want to be patched).
5. Buy the stuff if you like it and use it

Pro-53/Spektral Delay/Vokator are registered with
serial asked at startup of original install then
nothing included in patch (use "Keygen.exe" to get

Elektrik Piano is old registration then the option
is available only in "Komplete 4 Patch-AMPLiFY.exe".
Registration Tool and Keygen are automatically loaded
at end of patch, it will register it for all formats.

Note: We hope you enjoy Komplete 4 and BUY it since
its a fine NI product. We want to take this time to
thank everyone that has been helping us during the
past years and those to come. We wish the best to
all of you during 2007 ! Finally a PROPER note: This
release will work for legit users as well as
non-legit users with or without the Service Center

HYBRID Note: Our release is tagged PC.ONLY but dvds
are hybrid, mac cracks was out before pc version and
are all around the net, thats why we didnt break
hybrid format.

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