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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

NUSofting Peti Harmonium Accordion v0.5b VSTi


NUSofting Peti Harmonium Accordion v0.5b VSTi

** NOTE: This is NOT a demo, this plugin is fully functional.
You can save and load presets!

** An 11 presets bank is included as FXB files along with
"cloned" individual factory presets, and soundbank.

** Special note: The original "cloned" individual factory presets,
and 41 Preset factory bank are included
for your enjoyment.

** "Mono" is not implemented yet in this version.

The only difference with the current 1.0 Release version has an
animated keyboard GUI, and minor graphics changes such as removal
of the words "FREE BETA" from the Interface.


Peti uses hybrid FM synthesis technology and was developed primarily
to emulate the sounds of the Harmonium, a member of the Reed Organ family,
which is also known as the "pump organ". The Harmonium, in its smaller form,
is widely used in north Indian music, and its full, sweet sound is often
used in pop and rock music, but Peti is not limited to this instrument alone.

Peti is also capable of emulating a wide variety of reed organ variants,
and can model timbres which resemble the many instruments in this family,
ranging from from accordions to pipe organs, and even the famous melodica
often used in reggae dub music.

Peti was designed to allow the user complete control over a simulated Bellows
mechanism, with 11 different modes providing 'automatic' or 'manual' pumping,
with appropriate modulation of the sound-generation engine's parameters.

It also features two separate 'reed bank' simulators, allowing it to create
the widest possible range of reed organ timbres via its sophisticated
hybrid-synthesis system.

Peti's sound engine is also capable of emulating other key features of
the Harmonium, including the body resonance of the instrument itself,
the noise of air in the bellows and chambers, a 'musette' tremolo feature,
and 'key coupling', which traditionally allows a single note to
trigger two voices.

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