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martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

ReFx/Wizoo/Steinberg X-Phraze 1.0 + v1.2 Update


ReFx/Wizoo/Steinberg X-Phraze 1.0 + v1.2 Update

The Ultimate Phrase Synthesizer

Xphraze is the ultimate phrase synthesizer that brings together powerful sound shaping and real-time polyphonic phrase creation.

At the heart of this powerful and unique new sample-based VST instrument is a flexible multi-timbral synthesizer engine,
offering virtually unlimited sound-shaping and real-time modulation possibilities. Powered by an integrated polyphonic phrase
generator, Xphraze is capable of conjuring up any kind of rhythmical phrase.

There's never been an instrument so quick and intuitive to use: simply drag a phrase from the pool or your own sample collection,
tweak the groove and sound, play a note or a chord and be amazed as the stunning Xphraze textures kick in and move perfectly
in sync with your song. Use real-time controllers and other sound-mangling tools to change the phrasing or sonic character
in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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