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domingo, 23 de marzo de 2008

Shuniji VSTi Synthesizer


Shuniji VSTi Synthesizer

Shuniji VSTi Synthesizer

Soundcolors of the Rainbow

two PCM-wave oscillators powered by 124 different waveforms, one with level modulation

Rainbow Modulator for astonishing additional soundcolors
one lowpassfilter (24db with resonance) + 4 direct and 2 indirect modulations
Filter-FM with selectable oscillator
two ADSR envelope generators
three LFO, one Sample & Hold (S&H) and one contour generator (CG); all bpm-synced
one LFO with complex waveforms and rate adjustable by knob
Pan with modulation
bpm-synced Stereo-Delay with color adjustment and Time modulation
8 voices (in Pro Version)
3 Lazy Button

shuniji (Japanese, primary rainbow) is the first of a new line of VST-Synthesizers bei H.G. Fortune
in tradition of STS, Swamp and LaserBlade succeeding the latter two.
At the first glance quite simple but highly efficient for even complex
soundcreations due to some versatile modulations and the Rainbow Modulator / Colorizer.
Like within a rainbow different tonecolors can be present in one patch.
As all parameters are accessible on the GUI editing is straight and easy


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