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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Sinus VST Pack


Sinus VST Pack

Sinus VST Pack

Sinus Golden Gate VST.v2.3

GoldenGate is an advanced stereo audio gate.

Linear, logarithmic or soft release curve.
Synchronized gating (up to 16 channels).
Soft gating.
32 bit internal precision.
Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI).
Large displays for parameters and gate state.
Easy handling.
Full parameter automation.
Trigger signal filter (high/mid/low).


Sinus Peak Comp VST v2.72

Soft compression.
Look ahead processing.
Non-linear release curves.
No pumping or coloration.
32 bit internal precision.
Sample rates up to 96 kHz supported.
16 bit dithering.
Low CPU usage.
Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI).
Supports automatic latency compensation.
Direct numeric input.
Full parameter automation.
Built-in limiter.
RMS display.
AntiDistortion fader.

Cost: $24.95

Sinus Triple Comp VST v1.42

- three band compression
- look ahead processing
- no pumping or coloration
- automatic attack and release time calculation
- attack enhancement
- brickwall limiter
- automatic normalisation
- 32 bit internal precision
- 16 bit dithering
- sample rates up to 96 kHz supported
- automatic latency compensation supported
- full parameter automation
- RMS display
- Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI)
- intuitive handling

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