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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

SpeedSoft VSampler Version 3.51


SpeedSoft VSampler Version 3.51

VSampler provides all of the classic sampler features, and also offers you a multitude of new opportunities. Extensive signal processing possibilities, with Drag&drop and context menus allow quick access to all functions and provide for a smooth workflow.


* 255 voice polyphonic.
* 16 part multi-timbral (16 MIDI Channels).
* 16 Stereo outputs.
* Supports all usual output formats from 16 bits/44 kHz up to 32 bits/192 kHz.
* Sample-Editor.
* Auto-Looper.
* Beat-Slicer.
* Synth.
* Built in Effects (Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Distortion, EQ, etc.).
* Modulation matrix.
* Soundbank Manager.
* Autoload Preview.
* Can also host VST plugins.
* AKAI CDs 1:1 on hard disk (Can build a 1:1 copy of the AKAI CD as a disc image file on your local hard drive or network drive).

Loads the following sample formats:

* AKAI (S1000/3000 CD and S5000/6000 .AKP)
* SoundFont (.SF2) - Can also save as SF2.
* HALion (.FXB, .FXP)
* Gigastudio (.GIG)
* LM4 drumkits

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