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domingo, 23 de marzo de 2008

Steinberg Halion v3.0


Steinberg Halion v3.0

Steinberg HALion 3: The VST Sampler

HALion 3 is the latest version of Steinberg?s award-winning software
sampler. Over 50 new features in HALion 3 include 27 added effects,
new sound management tools and RAMSaveO technology. The sleek new user
interface and expanded routing functions add even more flexibility to
the HALion experience.

Since its launch in 2001, HALion has been pushing back boundaries in
virtual samplers. HALion 3 is no exception: over 50 new features
ensure that HALion stays where it always has been: at the forefront of
digital audio technology. This latest version expands existing HALion
capabilities to new levels of accessibility and flexibility, creating
a virtual sampler environment that not only lets your creativity
flourish, but lets you work more productive and efficiently than ever
before. Building on the outstanding surround-capable HALion 2.0
sampling engine with support for up to 32-bit floating point files,
HALion 3 adds even more new capabilities. A new output routing system
allows you to create and configure the audio outputs; only the outputs
you need will be routed directly to the host VST mixer. The sleek new
user interface is not only easy on the eyes but has been restructured
to keep switching between the different HALion 3 views to a minimum.

HALion 3 - most important news

New file browser with drag and drop support, favourites system, sound
categorization and database indexing. An impressive set of powerful
new sound management tools gives you a clear overview over all your
sound files. The intuitive sound categories system lets you group
related sounds, making it easy to find them quickly!

Dazzling new Insert and Send Effects section. 27 quality effects
encompass just about any effect requirement. They can be applied to
individual samples, sample groups or entire programs. Effect sends can
be sent to HALion's internal FX section or even directly to the VST
mixer to share plug-in resources between the host and HALion.

HALion 3 now offers RAMSaveO, a new feature created to keep in check
the RAM resources needed by even the most extensive sample
instruments, resulting in low RAM usage and faster project load and
save times, a boon for pro users using large, intricate sampled
instruments such as big orchestral patches or large drum kits.

Alternate mode - adds a range of functions, including playing a
different sample with each new Note On message, introducing more
spontaneity and feeling, especially useful for realistic drum-sounds
or string bow up/down action.

Even more file formats - HALion 3 adds support for Kurzweil and
Kontakt sounds as well as for the Zero-X BeatCreator and BeatQuantizer
Groove-Slice formats. You can find a 15 day limited Demo version of
ZeroX BeatQuantizer in the 3rd party Demo folder on the DVD.

Sleek and clean user interface: HALion explains its intuitive GUI with
the new and improved ToolTip Help. Presets let you recall frequently
used settings for envelopes, modulations and FX. Many views can be
opened in separate windows.

Features HALion 3.1

Q-Controls - add 8 macro edit-controls per program that can be
assigned to almost any HALion parameter (including all FX parameters)

Featuring "Advanced stream mode" for world class disk-streaming

Bundled with the acclaimed HALion 3 sound library. Over 160
instruments featuring high quality programs and samples for almost any
application be it drums, strings, pianos or guitar, bass or synth

MIDI learn mode for lightning fast learning of MIDI CCs for all remote
controllable parameters.

Supports all major formats: VST, DXi, AU, ReWire (for example all
Protools versions) and also standalone version


These are just some of the reasons why HALion has received a new
nickname - the definitive software sampler:

Up to 32 Bit / 384 kHz file support

256 Voices per instance, several instances loadable simultaneously

16-way multi-timbral with an individual editor for program selection

128 programs per instance, unlimited layers per program

Full individual parameter set for each sample if required, ideal for
drum sounds

Notch / High Pass / Low Pass / Band Pass 12 dB and 24 dB Filter as
well as fantastic sounding Waldorf filters, and Fatness function for
- Overdrive filter sounds

2 synchronizable envelopes with up to 32 freely editable points,
intuitive handling

32-stage STEP envelope as free modulation source and 2 LFOs,
syncnronizable to the host application

Keyzone Editor for quick mapping of keyzones, samples, sample layers
and velocity values with drag'n'drop support and several automapping

Ultra-flexible internal routing management:

Up to 256 freely configurable outputs per instance

5.1 surround support

All new realtime FX: Reverb, Phaser, Talkbox, Delays, EQs, BitCrusher,
AutoWahWah and much more (27 effects total)

Insert effects can be applied to individual samples, sample groups or
entire programs

Effects sends can be sent to the HALion internal Send effects or
directly to the VST mixer through configurable outputs to share plug
-in - Resources between the Host and HALion

Integrated Waveloop Editor with crossfade, snap to zero, loop, release
loop, loop tuning settings

Total recall: all samples are saved with your song, including the
respective settings

Sample-accurate timing and automation thanks to perfect VST

Archive function, transfer of entire projects to other computers with
zero hassle

RAMSaveO technology offers lower RAM needs, speeding project loading
and saving

Import formats: AKAI, E-MU, Roland, Kurzweil, GIGA, Kontakt, EXS24,
SF2, LM4, LM4 MkII, REX, ZeroX BeatCreator, WAV, AIF, SD II (Mac
only), ISO & Nero Disc Image, Toast CD-Image

Supports VST, DXi and AU formats

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