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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

Sugar Bytes Robotronic v1.0


Sugar Bytes Robotronic v1.0


The perfect Vocoder!

Thanks to many hours of research in the Sugar Bytes Sound
Laboratory, we are proud to present a Vocoder that provides
Sounds you could not produce with virtual gear so far.

Speech response is incredible, the sound is crisp and clear,
here is our new favorite.
Robotronic can vocode stereo signals with the internal

synthesizer, Samples can be processed, a signal can even be

processed with its own with shifted formants!

Each of the audio inputs has a complete channelstrip

with Gate, Compressor and gain stage.

On the outputs youґve got a 3 Band EQ, Compressor and a

multi effects unit with four lovely signal-pimpers.This unit
brings you the desired vocoding sound which no other software
vocoder is capable of.


- Features:


Stereo Input oder Mono R/L

Gate, Compressor, 12db Gain

Stereo Sampler (wav, aiff)


Mono Input L/R

Gate, Compressor, 12db Gain

Synthesizer (4 Waveforms,

24db Multimode Filter, Noise)


Frequency Focussing

Formant Shifting

Variable Response


3 Band EQ, Compressor, Multieffect, Master 12b Gain

- Multieffect:





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