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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Tone2 Filterbank 2 VST v2.5 Incl. Keygen - AiR


Tone2 Filterbank 2 VST v2.5 Incl. Keygen - AiR

Filterbank2 Features:
Filter Types:
The high-end stereo filters are reference quality and the scientific work of years. FilterBank2 comes with 54 different sounding filtertypes: Lowpass 30dB, Highpass 30dB, Bandpass 15dB, Notch, Fat lowpass octave, M-shape, Dual formant, Silk lowpass, Fat highpass, Para bandpass, Equalizer, Vocals A, Vocal U, Vocal E, Vocal I, Vocal O, Phaser, Low shelf, High shelf, Fat lowpass, Fat lowpass 7th, Lowpass like, Highpass like, Elliptic lowpass, Elliptic highpass, Peak EQ wide, Peak EQ tight, State variable lowpass, State variable highpass, State variable bandpass, Resonator, Comb filter 3 stage, Comb filter 6 stage, AM, FM sine (anti-aliased), FM triangle (anti-aliased), FM saw (anti-aliased), Resampling, Moog lowpass 24 dB, Moog lowpass 6 dB, Moog highpass, Moog bandpass, Moog notch, Moog notch lowpass.

Reverberize: FilterBank’s delay and reverb sounds support surround encoding - even in a stereo mix. That’s why audiotracks processed with filterbank will appear more transparent and clear. Delay and reverb types: Reverb big1, Reverb big2, Reverb med1, Reverb med2, Reverb small1, Reverb small2, Feedback (simple, pingpong, left-center-right, surround to rear, front-rear, 360° surround, 360° to rear, resonator, spring verb), post (simple, pingpong, left-center-right, surround to rear, front-rear, 360° surround, 360° to rear, resonator, spring verb)

FilterBank2 is power!
Tone2 FilterBank2 is more than a filter plugin - it is a powerful effect unit. The flexible modulation routing gives you unlimited possibilities. FilterBank can not only to process incoming audio signals - with selft-oscillating Filters and feedback it can create complete sequences and textures.
Distortion types: Hard clipping, Tube amp, Presence, Wave wrapping, Wave shaping, Bit crushing, Square shaping, Cubic shaping.
Other features: Compressor, Warble, Step sequencer, Envelope follower, Autosync to BPM, Midi learn, Smooth knob movements, Tooltips and help functions, Realtime frequency display, Feedback limiting, Oversampling, Modular routing, Installer, Handbook.
Technical features: VST effect plugin, 22,44,48 or 96 kHz, Input mono/stereo, Output stereo, 64 Bit accuracy.


The LFO’s are so accurate and fast that you can hear them! This offers you the opportunity to use Filterbank2 for sound generation. Because you’ve got a built-in step sequencer, it’s easy to rebuild an analogue 909 bassdrum or a 303 line with some mouse clicks. LFO types:Triangle, Triangle 90°, Saw up, Saw down, Sine, Cosine, Squarewave, Random, Random sine, Impulse, Digital noise.

Play it live:
Play it live! All parameters can be tweaked in realtime. If you are using a mouse, the plugin smoothes your movements automatically - there won’t be clicks or glitches. If you want to use Midi, a simple right-click on a knob activates the Midi learn function and it is automatically assigned to your controller. FilterBank2 is never out-of-beat because it automatically synchronizes delay times, LFO’s and the step sequencer to your host’s BPM rate.

FilterBank2 is fun!
FilterBank2 is very user friendy. A display visualizes in realtime what you are doing, this makes it easy to understand what you are currently tweaking. In addition the user interface offers tooltips and help.

Demo MP3

PDF Manual

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