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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Como usar beepmap synth de fruity loops tutoriales



BeepMap is an image synth that generates sounds from graphic images. The Freq (Frequency) knob controls the spread of the additive sine waves, and the Length knob controls how quickly the image is scanned from left to right.

To load an image, just press the open button and select it from your hard drive.

The number box on the top right hand side of the image allows you to set the maximum bitmap height. The larger you make the number, the more pixels the image will cover vertically. However, keep an eye on the size of the images used, as it can drain CPU power.

Logarithmic, linear and harmonics are the 3 types of frequency scales that can be used. Selecting "use blue" enables the blue colour, while the "grainy" button allows sounds to be heard as small grains. Try turning on the "loop" button when using short length settings so that the sound will continue throughout the note.

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