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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

¿como usar los efectos en canales en fruity loops?


How to use effects in fruity loops?
FX to a Channel

To add FX to a channel, left click on the channel to bring up the channel settings box.

The "FX" box, located in the top right hand corner is where you can choose the target mixer track. By holding down left click and moving your mouse up or down inside this box, you can change the mixer track number.

It might help beginners to better understand this process, by having the mixer also visible. You can then see the FX mixer track number highlighted, and you can watch the highlight move to the chosen FX track as you move the mouse.

Once you've assigned the channel to an FX track inside the mixer, simply choose the FX plugin you'd like to use from the dropdown list.

If the effect you want was recently installed and you haven't refreshed your plugins list, or it isn't in the list, go up to the very top and click "More...". At the bottom of this new window press the "Refresh" button and select "Fast Scan".

FL Studio will scan your hard drive for new and recently installed FX (plugins) and show them in the list in red when they are found. The number of effects plugins found will also be displayed at the bottom of this window. Make sure you click on the little boxes next to all the effects that you want for future quick launch. The letter F should be displayed in the boxes you've chosen. Double clicking the title of the effect will insert it straight into your project.

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