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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

como usar the piano roll en fruity loops tutoriales gratis


The Piano Roll

The Piano Roll Menu

The Piano Roll Menu is found by left-clicking the piano roll options icon located at the top left hand corner of the piano roll window (circled below.)

Opening and Saving Scores

Scores are easy to work with in the piano roll. They are known as FL Studio score files (.fsc). They are basically a transcript or score of the notes in a piano roll, including note panning, velocity, filter cut and res, as well as pitch.

Scores are opened by left-clicking "File" and "Open score..." from the Piano Roll Menu. Just select the score (.fsc) file from your hard drive or external storage device and it will load directly into the piano roll.

Saving a score is done in exactly the same way except for the obvious choice of "Save score as..." from the piano roll menu.

Importing Midi Files into the Piano Roll

Midi files can be imported into the piano roll or pasted from a midi clipboard. Importing a midi file only imports the note events (note velocity, note panning, note filter cut and res and note pitch.) It does not include automation.

If you wish to open or save automation you need to do it separately in the Event Editor.

"Paste from midi clipboard" only differs in that it uses the MIDI clipboard data instead of a MIDI file. Data can be pasted from any sequencer that can copy to MIDI clipboard format.

Quick Quantize

Piano Roll Options>"Tools">"Quick Quantize" quantizes notes to whichever "snap/quantize" setting you have.

For example, if it is set at 1/2 step, the notes will be moved to the nearest half step of their current position in the piano roll grid. If you only need a few notes quantized, just select those notes before quantizing. If nothing is selected then the quantizing applies to all notes.


Piano Roll Options>"Tools">"Quantize" lets you choose from a range of groove templates that come with FL Studio or indeed one of your own scores. If you're trying out groove templates I advise you to leave the pattern playing before you quantize so you can hear the changes take affect as you go.

The snap grid is indicated by vertical red lines generated by the groove preset.

If you click once on different presets, you'll notice that the red lines move to the new points where that groove template will place them and you'll hear the groove change. When you find a template that you dig press "Open".

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