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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

como usar soundfont player en fruity loos paso a paso :D


Fruity Soundfont Player

Fruity Soundfont Player is a great little accessory which comes as a demo version in FL Studio 4. You'll need to purchase it separately to be able to save projects containing Fruity Soundfont Player channels.

Try to put all your soundfont files in the directory "FLStudio4\Data\Patches\Soundfonts". Having them in the one folder makes them easily accessible from the browser. If you put them in a folder of your own, make sure that the folder is added to the browser.

The easiest way to add files to projects is from the browser. If the browser isn't visible click on the "View Browser" icon in the shortcut panel.

I find the quickest way to add a soundfont to projects is to hold down left click and drag the soundfont from the browser to the channel. If you want the soundfont in a new channel just drag it under a channel on the step sequencer where it will then create a new channel for that soundfont.

The other option is to right click it in the browser and choose "Send to selected channel", making sure of course that you have the target channel selected, (indicated by a green light to the right of the channel name.)

Now left click the channel in the step sequencer so that the channel settings box appears. Click the patch name box.

A box pops up showing you all the patches available for that soundfont. Double-click the one you want to use. In this case I chose Campbells DoubleBass.

The name of the patch you selected should now appear in orange in the patch name window. The patch number is also displayed to the left.

Envelope and LFO can be tweaked from within the plugin properties of the channel settings box. Filter cut-off and modulation can also be controlled. The usual tools and functions can be applied to the soundfonts such as delay and arpeggiator. Soundfonts can also be sent to FX channels in the mixer just like regular channels.

There are heaps of sites on the internet where soundfonts are available for download. There's some very impressive ones out there. Just type soundfonts into a search engine.

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