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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Dash Signature Da Hornet v1.1


Dash Signature Da Hornet v1.1

"Add a new stinger in your VST arsenal!"

Dash Synthesis have released daHornet, a virtual analogue synth VSTi for Windows. daHornet costs $29.95 and a demo version is available, which has just been updated to now allow 30 minutes of use!

"The clone of a sheep is an identical sheep, the clone of a wasp is an identical wasp. But the hornet is a bigger cousin of a wasp, the hornet buzz is louder and deeper than the cheesy wasp noise. We analysed its robust wings to discover the secrets of that fat buzz."

Two oscillators, 4 octaves selector, output level, saw and pulse waveforms, pulse width control on Osc 1, fine tuning up to 1 octave on Osc 2.
Noise generator.
One LFO with:
- Rate from 0.1 to 100 Hz.
- MIDI sync from 32/4 to 1/36.
- Filter cutoff and Osc pitch destinations.
- 6 shape modes, sample&hold.
Multimode "vintage" resonant filter with key following function, LP,BP,HP.
Two envelope generators, VCA and Filter control, with REPEAT function (loop the envelope).
Polyphonic mode (2 to 16 voices) and mono legato mode with tunable glide effect.
MIDI learn on every knob to freely assign any MIDI CC.
MIDI velocity sensitivity adjustable independently for VCA and Filter envelope.
Master volume.
Master tuning.
Virtual keyboard with hide/show button.
128 presets factory bank.
Random presets generator.
Saving default setting on registry option.
Any Sample Rate supported (e.g: 44.1, 48, 96)
Support for SSE, MMX and P4 instructions.
Volume Type: High, Normal, Soft.

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