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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Dash Signature EVE 2 VSTi v2.00.05 Multi Outs


Dash Signature EVE 2 VSTi v2.00.05 Multi Outs

Виртуальный инструмент DASH Signature EVE (Electronic Vintage Ensemble), плагин формата VSTi (Windows), содержит мультисемплы раритетных клавишных инструментов: электропиано, электроорганов, синтезаторов струнных, а также других синтезаторов (например, Korg MS 20, Minimoog) и электронных ударных. Три тембра можно воспроизводить одновременно, каждый имеет генератор огибающей (ADSR), резонансный фильтр, три LFO, трехполосный эквалайзер, два посыла на эффекты (имитатор ленточного дилея и модуляционный: Лесли, хорус, фленджер, фейзер). Есть общий лимитер. Возможно MIDI-управление параметрами, использование дополнительных наборов семплов. Прилагаются 256 пресетов. Модуль оптимизирован для SSE-процессоров.


Dash Signature has released EVE 2 - Electronic Vintage Ensemble (v2.00.05), a major update which adds several enhancements and new synthesis features to the simple yet powerful EVE design while remaining compatible with EVE 1.x presets. EVE 2 is also the first version of EVE to be available for Mac OS X in addition to Windows.

The original LP resonant filter per layer in EVE has been replaced by a multi-mode filter (LP, HP, BP, BR) with control over cut, resonance and envelope modulation, as well as a special 'fractal' modulation parameter. This expanded filter design provides further tools for balanced layering of sounds, and deep pads.
FM/AM modulation capabilities per layer have been added via the ~FM switch matrix. FM and AM can be used to add interesting harmonic distortions to the original instruments, or to manipulate new sounds from the existing samples.
The vintage multi-effect racks have been updated, with an expanded ECHO rack, and a new overdrive effect in the MODULATOR rack, as well as various enhancements to other effects.
New routing options between the layers and the effects allow the MODULATOR rack to function in both 'send' and 'insert' modes.
EVE 2 now supports the loading of WusikSND SoundSets, opening up a whole range of extra sample content that can be loaded into the EVE engine.
The EVE 2 default sound library features new SoundSets and presets in addition to those that shipped with EVE.

EVE 2 costs $75 for new customers; If you own EVE 1.x you can upgrade for $24. It is available in VST and AU plug-in formats for Windows and Mac OS X and includes:
Library 101 SoundSets; 127 presets.
Library A0S 21 SoundSets; 127 presets.
Library Prepared Rhodes; 33 SoundSets; 62 presets.
Library dBu Select; 30 SoundSets; 30 presets.
PDF User Manual.

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