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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

FL Studio Tips, Tricks, and Secrets fruity loops tips


FL Tips

Due to the number of responses to my post yesterday, I will try to answer each one in turn, also I will also try to post a tip or tutorial once a week. I have been using FL for a couple of years and YES I do have a lot that I could teach, but alas I am currently on dial-up and can only get on at night so as not to tie up my phoneline during the day. So having said that...........

Here's my first set of tips:

1. DON'T RELY SOLEY ON THE SAMPLES AND PLUGINS INCLUDED WITH FRUITY LOOPS!!! I'm not knocking the quality of the included effects, samples and plugins, but here are quite a number of free, good quality VST Plugins out there, and chances are if the sound you are looking for wasn't included with FL, there's a VST Instrument that has it. www.kvraudio.com should be a permanent fixture in your bookmarks as they list free and commercial plugins and samples for just about any program, and their rating system is usually dead on. I mean though the FPC is wonderful in concept to me I NEVER USE IT! (Battery Rulez!!!)

2. Quantization can be your best friend or your worst enemy!! Use quantization sparingly. I generally only quantize my drum tracks, but never the whole drum track, maybe just the hi-hats and kicks. I've found this gives a more human feel to drums. (If you don't know how to quantize single parts of a track e-mail me and I'll tell you how!!!)

3. While on the subject of drums, if the drumset I'm using doesn't have that punch that I'm looking for, I've found that compressing them with the Fruity Compressor with the Drumset preset usually gives the result I'm lookin for.

4. Minimize the time you spend on a making a beat as much as possible. It's very easy to get caught in a rut with a beat. Take a break and work on a totally different beat, sometimes the new can lead inspiration to the old. I have probably 50 unfinished beats on my system and I often go back and keep adding on until a beat is finished. Doing this also builds up a collection quickly that can be used to showcase to potential buyers, because they may like it just the way it is!!

5. Don't be so critical of yourself noob or FL God!!! Realize that even the greatest painters in the world had a learning period before they became masters!

That's all for now, next time I will go into how to setup FL to maximize your beat creation process.

Eldgin AKA DJ Eniggma

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