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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

fl studio tutorials - Channel Filtering- step by step


Channel Filtering

Channels can be sorted into groups and viewed on their own in the step sequencer. I find this very convenient when I'm using a lot of sample and instrument channels. It makes navigation easier and a damn side faster. It's also handy for grouping different types of instrumentation, eg. instruments, percussion, vocals etc. The Step Sequencer can be set to display only specific groups of channels (one at a time). The Channel Display Filter control (found at the bottom left of the step sequencer window) is used for this purpose. Left clicking and selecting "All" shows all channels at once, assigned or otherwise.

Selecting "Unsorted" displays only the unassigned channels. Any channel groups you have made can also be selected and displayed from here.

If you wish to add an empty group, right-click and select "Add Filter Group."

With the group displayed, right-click the Channel Display Filter control to see commands for renaming and deleting a group (deleting a group won't delete the channels in it, but make them unassigned). To add all selected channels to a group, use the "Group Selected" command from the "Channels" menu.

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