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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

FLStudio Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts free tuotorials


FLStudio Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Fruityloops keyboard shortcuts, commands and mouse tips ordered out into logical sections. (Some keystrokes are duped where appropriate)


  • Ctrl+O Open
  • Ctrl+S Save
  • Ctrl+Shift+S Save as...
  • Ctrl+N Save new version
  • Ctrl+R Export Wave File
  • Ctrl+shift+R Export MP3 File
  • Ctrl+shift+M Export MIDI file
  • Ctrl+M Open Score
  • Alt+1...8 Open recent file 1...8

Record/Playback Control

  • Space Start & stop playback
  • LSwitch between pattern and song mode
  • R Switch on/off recording
  • 0 (numpad) Fast forward
  • / (numpad) Previous bar (song mode only)
  • * (numpad) Next bar (song mode only)
  • Ctrl+H Stop sound (Sound Panic)
  • Ctrl+T Toggle Typing keyboard to piano keyboard
  • Ctrl+B Toggle Blend Notes
  • Ctrl+M Toggle Metronome
  • Ctrl+I Toggle Wait for input to start playing

Pattern Selection

  • F4 Next Empty pattern
  • 1..9 (numpad) Select patterns 1-9
  • Numpad + Next pattern
  • Numpad - Previous pattern
  • Right Arrow Next pattern
  • Left Arrow Previous pattern

Window Navigation

  • Tab Cycles windows within program
  • Enter Shows/hides/maximises/minimises playlist
  • Esc Closes a window
  • F5 Shows/hides playlist
  • F6 Shows/hides Step Sequencer
  • F7 Shows/hides Piano Roll
  • F8 Shows/hides Sample Browser
  • F9 Shows/hides FX
  • F10 Shows/hides MIDI Settings window
  • F11 Shows/hides Song Info window
  • F12 Close all windows
  • Ctrl+shift+H Arrange windows

Step Sequencer

  • F6 Shows/hides step sequencer
  • 1...0 Mutes/Unmutes first ten channels
  • Ctrl+1...0 Solos/Unsolos first ten channels
  • Up Arrow Select Previous channel
  • Down Arrow Select Next channel
  • Shift+Left Shift notes backward one step (for selected channel(s)).
  • Shift+Right Shift notes forward one step (for selected channel(s)).
  • Ctrl+del Delete selected channel
  • Alt+G Group selected channels
  • Alt+Z Zip/Collapse selected channels (useful for layers)
  • Alt+U Unzip selected channers
  • Alt+Up Arrow Move Selected channel up
  • Alt+Down Arrow Move Selected channel down
  • Page Up Next Channel Filter Group
  • Page Down Previous Channel Filter Group
  • Ctrl+X Cut channel note data
  • Ctrl+C Copy channel note data
  • Ctrl+V Paste channel note data
  • Ctrl+Shift+C Clone selected channel(s)
  • Alt+R Randomize
  • Alt+H Humanize (Not in V4)
  • Alt+P Send to Piano Roll
  • K Show Keyboard Editor
  • G Graph Editor
  • Shift + Right click on channel names to change the names
  • Ctrl + Left click on the channel name to hear the sound produced by the channel

Play List

  • F5 Shows/hides Play List
  • Ctrl+Shift+Ins Insert Pattern (before selected pattern)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete Selected Pattern
  • Ctrl+Shift+C Clone Selected Pattern
  • Ctrl+Del Delete Pattern
  • Alt+Up Arrow Move selected pattern up
  • Alt+Down Arrow Move selected pattern down
  • Alt+P Edit selected pattern in piano roll / Send to piano roll
  • Backspace Center playback grid around song position
  • Right click on black "Pattern XX" areas to set pattern names.
  • Double click in area between pattern 1 and the bar numbers to set the song to loop on one bar.

Combinations of patterns can be cut / copied / pasted by setting the song to loop on one bar by double clicking and dragging at the top of the playlist then using cut / copy / paste keystrokes or holding Ctrl and dragging there.

Right clicking between pattern 1 and the bar numbers sets the repeat point (the point where playback returns to when the last bar in the song has been played).

Channel Settings

  • Enter/Return Plays Current Sample. (same as left clicking on sample display)
  • Left arrow Cycles through SMP INS MISC FUNC.
  • Right arrow Cycles through SMP INS MISC FUNC.
  • Right click on title bar to set channel name.
  • Right click on Del/Att/Hold/Dec/Sus/Rel dials to set values in steps.
  • Double click on the FX send digit to view/edit FX in that FX channel.
  • Right click on Stretch digits to quick set a coarse value.
  • Left click on grey area above the keyboard in the Channel Settings to set limits on hi/lo playback pitch.
  • Right click on grey area above keyboard to set the key that plays the sample at its original pitch.

Remember you can automate the type of chords played by FLStudio's channel arpegiator (this is tricky; bit of a blind/trial-and-error process)

  • Mixer
  • Alt + C View controls
  • Alt + N View Names
  • Alt + R Render selected disc recording enabled tracks to wave file
  • Ctrl + L Link selected channels to this track
  • ALT + L Select linked channels
  • S Solo
  • Left arrow View next track
  • Right arrow View previous track

Misc Tricks

  • Right click on tempo for quick tempo selection or tempo options
  • Right click on empty panel space to turn individual panels on/off
  • Tiny switch next to CPU/Output Monitor turns it on/off.
  • Right click all over the the panels at the top for more! :)
  • Right click on empty panel space to turn individual panels on/off
  • The tiny switch next to CPU/Output Monitor turns it on/off.

To make this reference instantly accessible within FLStudio, download this file and do the following:

  • 1. Goto Tools >Add external tool.
  • 2. Click on the Folder Button next to the "File Location" box.
  • 3. In the "Browse for tool..." requester browse for the folder that contains the FLStudio-Keyboard-Commands.html file".
  • 4. You will not be able to see the file until you type "*.txt" into the "File Name" box and hit return.
  • 5. Double click on the "FLStudio-Keyboard-Commands.html" file.

Now "FLStudio-Keyboard-Commands.html" will appear on the "Tools" Menu and you can launch it without having to leave Fruityloops.

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