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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

how to insert a new wav file in fruity loops tutorials


Como insertar un nuevo sonido wav canal en fl studio
Inserting a New Wave File Channel

There are a few ways to insert wave file channels into your projects. I'll run through them and you can make up your own mind which one better suits you.

Adding a Wave File From the Browser

The quickest and easiest way to add a wave file is to select it directly from within the browser. You want to ensure the directory where you keep your samples shows up in the browser. This should ideally be done when setting up FL Studio. If you haven't done it already, go to "Options", then "File settings".

Left click on the folder icon and choose the directory where you want to get your wave files from on your hard drive. This directory will now appear in your browser for future use. Do this with as many folders as you need.

The directory you're looking for should now be found in your browser. Right click on the folder name in the browser and a dropdown list of the wav files and sub-folders in that directory will appear. To hear a wave file left click on it. Right click on the wave file and select "Open in new channel" if you want it to be in a new channel. "Send to selected channel" inserts it straight into the channel of your choice. In earlier versions of Fruity Loops simply right clicking the sample will insert it into the chosen channel.

"Open in new slicer channel" sends the file to a new fruity slicer channel. "Open in new granulizer channel" sends the wave to a new fruity granulizer channel.

Another way of adding samples from the browser is by holding down left click and dragging the sample to the channel you want it in. You can also drag it under or between channels in the step sequencer where it will then become a new channel in that position.

I'll now explain yet another way of doing it...

Adding a Wave File From Your Directory

To insert a new channel, simply right click on the button of another channel and go to "Insert channel". You will see a new list open to the right, to insert a wav file you would choose "Sampler" from the list. A new empty channel is inserted.

Right click on the newly created empty channel and go to "Load sample...". Now just choose the desired sample from your directory.

This way of doing might seem simpler but it can be a lot more time consuming in the long run. Especially if you are having to search through your hard drive for folders and wave samples every time you want to add a new wave file.

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