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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

how to use audio tracks in fruity loops tutorials


Audio Tracks

One of the many fantastic new features of FL Studio 4 is Audio tracks. You can import and record wave files directly into the playlist. You can either left-click on the bottom half of the playlist window and choose the wave file from your directory, or drag the wave file from the browser to the part of the song that you want it placed in the bottom half of the playlist. Wave files can be quickly and easily moved around and cut it if need be.

Zooming in on audio Tracks

The audio tracks vertical zoom button lets you adjust the display size of the waveform.

The zoom time icon in the top half of the playlist window lets you adjust the zoom time horizontally. You can also use the magnifying glass icon located at the top of the playlist.

Chopping Audio Clips in the Playlist

Audio clips can be chopped up using the playlist cut tool.

After selecting the cut tool simply hold down left click where you want to cut the wave file and draw the cut down vertically.

Remember that you can set the snap quantization to "none" if you want to do some fine cutting that is between lines.

Audio tracks can be moved by left-clicking and dragging them, as long as the draw or paint tools are in use.

There are some preset type chops you can choose from by clicking on the audio clips menu down arrow. Go down to "Chop into" and select from "Autodetect", "Beats" or "Bars."

Auto zero-crossing allows FL Studio to look for the closest zero (middle) level intersection when splitting an audio clip to bars, beats, or when using the Cut tool. It reduces the chance of clicks and pops in audio caused by abrupt starts in audio segments.

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