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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

how to use fl studio TR 808 fruity loops? fl studio tutorials


Layering Drum Kits

I've used the FL Studio TR 808 drum kit template here.

Insert a new layer channel.

Right click the channel to bring up the layer channels settings box.

Now, in the step sequencer select the drum channels you want to use the layering with. Click between the channel button and the steps so that the little green light toggles on. Right click the green light on for the first channel, and left click for subsequent channels. This ensure the first channel that you clicked stays selected.

Go to the layer channels settings box once more and select "Set children" which will assign the channels you've highlighted as children of the layer channel.

Select "Split Children" from the popup menu just above the Set Children button.

Now in the descending order, your drum samples will only be useful if their key is used. It'll automatically
add them values starting from C-5 and onwards (C-5, C#5 etc.).

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