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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Istvan Kaldor Maestro v1.27 VSTi


Istvan Kaldor Maestro v1.27 VSTi

Welcome to Maestro, a monophonic VST synthesiser, made with Synthedit,
but with a difference. This synth has been designed from the ground up,
with the keyboard player in mind, and it features extensive, real-time
performance control via the modulation matrix, making it one of the most
expressive VST synths around.

Although for a monosynth it’s quite heavy on the CPU (av. 9%),
it is capable of some very big sounds.

Ideally you should use a MIDI keyboard with aftertouch, Mod wheel,
Data slider, and a foot pedal. But it’s not absolutely necessary,
as most VST hosts will allow you to write MIDI CC data into a track.

The main features are:

- Two oscillators with the standard SE waveforms

- 2 pole to 4 pole low pass filter

- Dedicated LFO’s for amplitude, oscillator pitch and filter cutoff

- Assignable modulation LFO

- Assignable modulation ADSR envelope

- 6 modulation destinations

- 20 modulation sources including Off min and Off max

- A delay effect, and an auto panner

(Note) All of the important controls have “hints”
which you can see by moving the cursor over them.

The Monstrous sound
of this beast will astound.
Once which was lost has now been found!

This is a really pHat retro analog emulation wit halot of potential if your looking for some unique or something different to add to your tracks

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