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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

MHC Voxynth v2.0


MHC Voxynth v2.0

Добротный синтезатор от MHC, обладающий оригинальным звучанием. В наличии 256 пресетов.


Voxynth is part of the Studio Setup bundle (a set of 12 plug-ins for $99), which you may buy online and then download. Voxynth is available for Windows as a VST plugins and for Mac as a VST- and Audio Unit plugin.

About Voxynth

Voxynth is a synth (VST or AU), which can be used to create vocal sounds or synthetic choirs. Unlike many other plugins, this synth contains 38 different formant filters, which give the synth an organic an unusual sound. In addition, the MIDI synth has a stereo delay and comes with 256 factory patches and a PDF manual.
The plugin has been tested with Cubase SX, Cubase VST, Garage Band, Muzys, Orion Pro, Logic, Acid Pro, Magix Music Studio, Audio Mulch and SONAR using various adapters. The synth should work with all VST compatible hosts on Windows and all Audio Unit compatible hosts on Mac as long as they follow the spec. In addition the synth is available as a VST plugin on Mac OS X.

Voxynth has 3 oscillators per voice, pitch modulation, an amplitude envelope and a multimode formant filter, which can be modulated by an envelope or using Voxynth's Performance Keys.

The Formant Filter
The formant filter in Voxynth is quite unique. The Fatsondo plugin has built-in formant filters in its processor, but with Voxynth you get much more and different formant filter types, which can be modulated using Voxynth's formant filter envelope or using the performance keys. In addition, each filter has programmable Q, which makes it possible to adjust the width of the filter's formant regions.

The formant filter types change in character as they are swept by the envelope or performance keys. In other words, they morph between different sounds. Thus, quite unusual patches can be created by sweeping between a well defined vocal sound, such as "A" to something completely different. The different filter types not only include standard formants, such as "E", "A" and "U", but also fantazy formants, which don't exist in real life but have a vocal character and can be used to create interesting timbres.

Performance Keys
With the Performance Keys, the user can modify how the formant filter morphs, live using a MIDI keyboard (or sequencer of course). The Performance Keys are located on the lowest octave of the keyboard. Or you may program them step by step in a sequencer. Thus playing these keys result in a different morph setting for the formant filter. The glide between different morph settings can be adjusted with the glide knob.

Stereo Delay
In addition the plugin has a built-in stereo delay, which can be programmed for each patch. A stereo delay was included because it usually adds a very nice slapback ambience to choir sounds.

Audio Examples
Here are a couple of samples of some of the factory patches. No other plugins and no effects, except Voxynth's built-in stereo delay, have been used.

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