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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Naming and Colour Coding Channels and Patterns


Naming and Colour Coding Channels and Patterns


To rename a channel and change it's colour, simply select the channel in the step sequencer by muting all other channels. (Make sure it is the only channel that has a little green light). Now right click on channel and select rename from the pop up list. Firstly you should click on the little square to the right of where it asks you to name the channel. A list of colours and custom colours should appear. Choose the colour you want that channel to be represented by and click OK. Now type in what you wish to call the channel.


To name patterns in the playlist, open the playlist window and right click on the pattern you wish to name (eg. pattern 2) . A box now appears asking for the new title, but firstly click on the little square. By clicking on this you can choose your own colour for that pattern. If you are using a separate instrument or sound for each pattern, it makes sense to have separate colours for those patterns, corresponding to the instrument or sound used. This makes it a lot easier to recognise and edit those sounds throughout your project.

I've found it makes things a lot easier, to also assign a channel (along with it's colour) to it's own fx channel on the mixer. Firstly, select an unused fx channel in the mixer. Now press control-L and the channel name and colour is assigned to that fx channel.

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