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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Native Instruments Xpress Keyboards v1.0


Native Instruments Xpress Keyboards v1.0

Native Instruments Xpress Keyboards v1.0


Xpress Keyboards is a new series of software instruments
combining the sound of three famous vintage keyboards with
maximum ease of use and affordability – opening up new sonic
possibilities for beginners and musicians who want to get
straight into making music without any detours. The Xpress
Keyboards range includes the B4 Xpress vintage organ, the Pro-53
Xpress virtual analog synthesizer and the FM7 Xpress digital FM
synthesizer. Derived from NI's professional software
instruments, Xpress Keyboards provide the same uncompromising
sound quality that is already appreciated by countless producers
and musicians all over the world.

B4 Xpress revives the timeless sound of a classic tone-wheel
organ, complete with all its details and intricacies and its
signature rotary speaker effect.

PRO-53 Xpress recreates one of the most famous analog
synthesizers ever, with its warm basslines, shimmering pads,
exciting lead sounds and much more.

FM7 Xpress delivers the vivid signature FM sounds of '80s synth
pop with all their coolness and crystal-clear precision.

Feature Overview:

Three software instruments faithfully reproducing the
charismatic sound of legendary vintage keyboards. Based on the
professional audio engines of the critically acclaimed NI
synthesizers B4, FM7 and PRO-53. Intuitive interface focused on
maximum ease of use and instant playability. Versatile selection
of excellent presets included with each instrument. Easy
parameter control for unlimited sound variations. Can be used
standalone as well as with any VST-/Audio Units-compatible audio
sequencer. Multiple instances of each instrument can be used in
a track. High number of simultaneous voices on any standard

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