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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Steinberg Hypersonic Modules XXL


Steinberg Hypersonic Modules XXL

All round work horse soft synth. Hypersonic XXL is the music
workstation that adds more power. more versatility and more
sounds to your system than you've ever dreamt. With excellent
sound-per-system specs, uncompromised sound quality and fast
easy editing Hypersonic XXL is the ultimate sound factory for
every computer based musician.


The US-1 Ultra Synthesizer
* High-end audio quality, fat and powerful sound, flexible
modulation options.
* 3 oscillators with analog waveforms, wavetable synthesis,
sync, and unison mode.
* The US-1 has 44 wavetables.
* Each wavetable contains 64 single cycle waveforms which can
selected via the wave knob or modulated via the mod matrix.
* The 44 wavetables in the US-1 are varied and versatile and
allow totally different waveform colors to be produced by
oscillators 1 & 2.
* Saw Multi produces seven sawtooth oscillators simultaneously
for a fat polyphonic unison sound that is also very CPU
* Using the US-1 wave knob adjusts the detuning of the seven
* Multimode filter with osc audio modulation and overdrive.
* 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs.
* Modulation matrix for easy modulation control and expressive
* Control sequences allow you to shape and mold your sounds in
countless ways, from simply automating panning and creating
gating effects to sweeping wavetables and sync amounts or
generating luscious evolving pads.
* Expert page for detailed adjustment of various sound
* Includes 256 patches from professional sound designers.

GP-2 Grand Pianos
* Two piano models.
* Character adjustment knob (soft/ natural/ bright/ hard).
* Three versions of each piano are optimized for different
amounts of available host RAM.
* Adjustable velocity curve with three preset buttons.

NB-3 Tonewheel Organ
* 9 drawbars.
* Unique tonewheel emulation (variable from the original sine
wave sound to a dirtier, more complex timbre - 10 different
Tonewheel waveform shapes).
* Buttons for percussion on/off, loud/soft, short/long, 3rd/2nd
* Virtual rotary speaker cabinet with valve preamp, controls for
speed, color and overdrive.
* Authentic rotor horn display.
* Rotary cabinet can be an FX element in any patch.
* Includes 64 patches by Peter Gorges.

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