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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

Tutorial: FruityLoops and Advanced Elements fl studio tutorials


This is a brief FruityLoops tutorial that covers such advanced topics as automation, effects and mastering tips.

Upon reading this I believe that you are a fruityloop user, and have basic knowledge of creating simple songs, understanding the use of piano roll, playlist and so on. This little article hopes to give you a little tips to more advanced stuff in fruityloop like automation, fx and also what to take note of when producing tracks in fruityloop.

Firstly, we start off with automation. Automation is an increament (or decrease) or a knob, which can be controlling anything, like filter LP, volume, panning and so on. So what is the role of automation in a piece of music? With automation, it gives the music life, as things like drumbeats, bassline could be rather straight and boring. A little automation will bring these dead elements to life.

Next comes effects. Effects is an essiential element when producing in fruityloop. Effects will give you sounds that you want, ranging from basslines to strings. However, you'll need to understand how each fx works, and how each will affect one another. FX roles are to make midi sounding melodies to sound like a synth. Giving it depth, power, bass or watever that is you are looking for. However, understanding FX is impossible to be said in a tutorial, you'll have to try it yourself.

Finally, here are a few things to note during production. When producing a track, sitting infront on your computer and throw in whatever melody and ideas into the track in 6 hours is what most of us would have done. However, after you've completed, did you realised that your track seem to lack of quality when you listen to it once more? Well, here's a tip to make sure while in production, you still can hear the quality of your track.

Remember, after every 20 - 30 min, listen to other songs, done by professionals. Or you might want to occasionally play the track on your winamp to here the way they did their mastering. Once you go back to you fruityloop song, you'll realise how bad the quaility is, and you'll be able to fine tune each element while producing, which would make your mastering workload lesser.

Hope this helps to all those fruityloop users. Believe it or not, fruityloop is a great program for starters and players. But if you want to be in the league, you would have to create your own samples using VST, or progress to better software like Cubase SX or Reason.

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