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lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Wait, there might be something here...


Wait, there might be something here...

I was just flipping through Brandon Daniel's traditional NAMM photo set (Brandon likes frames, so you're gonna have to do your own browsing...) and I came across the above, for the Rozzbox One V2. Kind of a bulky name, but I suppose it is descriptive. Judging from the context of the photos, I think it was at the Big City Music booth, and thus was Fucking overshadowed by Mr. Barbour's ridiculous amp. (As ordered by NIN and Timbaland, so you know it's good now.)

I may have read about this before. Hell, I might have even posted about it. But it seems there's one in America now, which makes it more real. The L.L. Electronics site is in German, so I can't figure out what the fuck is going on there, but this is the sort of thing that tickles me. It's not on the Big City site, and it's not on the Analogue Haven site, so who knows?

Thankfully, going through Brandon's photos signals the end of my interest in Winter NAMM, and we can move along to Messe. On the whole, it seemed to just be a bigger Summer NAMM, at least from my objective. I wonder how the Super Mario Bros. theme sounds on this silly thing. Played through a Fucking Fucker. It'd be awesome.

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