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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

And now for something we hope you'll REALLY like...


And now for something we hope you'll REALLY like...

As I mentioned two posts ago, we're holding off on the release of Kombinat for a little while, in order to allow for the fact that Adam has to do a do-over on his aborted Japanese vacation of last year. We could get it out before he leaves, but he wouldn't be around if there were issues, as I mentioned, and that's no good.

So, in the meantime, we're going to give you this bad boy, hopefully by the end of the week. Witness Dubstation 1.5. The main change is one long-asked-for feature, a "HI CUT" knob. How it works is thus: at full on, Dubstation will work just like the original, with the delay time setting the high-cut filter frequency. In this manner, you're able to bring in a touch (or a lot) of high frequencies just by rolling back the knob a bit.

Also, as should be obvious from the image above (whack that bitch for a full-sized iteration) the UI has received a fairly major upgrade, to bring it in line with our current product line and do away with the oft-heard complaint that the tilted view was annoying. (Now, you can complain that it is too dark, or the cartoon look was more conducive to creation, or something. Ho, ho, ho.) We're also doing away with the split personality nature of the delay time knob; it will now work just like it does in Dr. Device, with no hidden parameters or anything.

The downside for OSX customers is that we're deprecating 10.3.9 support. You will need 10.4.1 or better (preferably 10.4.9 or better) to use Dubstation 1.5. Obviously, your install of Dubstation 1.0.whatever will still work fine, as long as Apple doesn't decide something silly.

This will be a free update to existing Dubstation owners, and Dubstation's price will remain at US$39.00. Also, it will have a different ID and name, so you can use both. The parameter list has changed and VST projects that use the original one would have issues with the new one if we didn't do it like this. So existing customers need not worry in the slightest; your projects will be totally safe. We're just tidying up the Windows version; the OSX VST and AU should build straight away, and we don't foresee any issues there, so this should be available by the end of the week.

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