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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

ChineeKong V2 synths Chinese percussion


ChineeKong V2

Chinese percussion at its best

Reak Gu


Enter the Rhythm of China

ChineeKong V2 is a sample-based Chinese percussion VSTi that comes with over 500mb of professionally recorded sample content and brings you the most authentic percussion sound originated from various parts of China. A sound that most of the Western world haven't heard of before, until now.

ChineeKong V2 has six main categories: Luo(Gongs), NaoBo(Cymbals), GuZu(Drum sets), BanBang(Wood Percussion), ZhongLing(Bells), and QiTa(MISC), divided into a total number of 50 subsets.

These instruments are being used widely in today's Chinese pop music and film scores.

Unusual Source for Unusual Ideas

Modern musicians have always been searching for the next NEW sound to spice up the next big hit. Tired of the samey. usual beat everyone is making? Kong Audio's ChineeKong V2 IS the answer to the quest.

With the rare and exotic acoustic percussion samples, ChineeKong V2 can add an atmospheric touch to film score compositions, yet still fits well in the pop music when necessary. ChineeKong V2 also provides inspiring, refreshing materials for modern offbeat experimental musicians. It's a percussion fest. It's a wild dream come true.


You may also download the free Kong loop pack from our free samples page, made with ChineeKong V2 (no other plugin were used).

*IT'S NOT A LOOP CD. Some users thought ChineeKong was a loop collection. In fact, it contains mostly one-shot samples with some unique performance phrases.

System requirements and specs:

10 channel multitimbrality

10 independent outputs

Master effect(bypass-able)

Windows XP 32/VISTA 32. 512mb RAM. *For Windows platform only.
Works with VSTi compatible hosts.
All samples are recorded in 24 bit 96 kHz.

Special Offer:

Get the Bundle for a 20% off discount! All our registered users will benefit from discount of future products as well.

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