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domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

Como crear un loop en fruity loops?


Simple-Loop creation:

This kind of loop is aim for websites or maybe a game. For this tuto you need to know at least to use basic controls of the program. we will only using predetermined packs and effects that comes with this FL, so lets get started.

1. First thing we are going to do once we opened the program is to add sounds from our packs options and put them in the play list, you can see in the picture which ones we choose.(add temple bell just if you want)

Guide picture

Now select the E Piano and we are going to open the piano-roll window, now choose which keys you want to use (the duration and the velocity too). you can do it as you wish but if you want the same result that I got, just do it as in the picture. see it on the next page

Guide picture

To give a different sound to the “E Piano” we need to use some effects.

see the image in the next page.

Fx Pannel

In the pictures below I show how do I set all the parameters of each effect. All this settings were done just playing around, so you can do it to as you wish

Flanger Reverb


x-y Controller

II hope this tutorial was helpful to you, I just inted that you play a little bit with the program, nothing pro for now

give us your feedback or report any problems you experienced finding information on this tutorial. do it here

You can download the file by clicking here

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