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miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Free download the Sound Gallery free samples sound galery


RADS SGX: The Complete Sound Gallery (weeks 1-191)
more info http://www.pocketfuel.com/gallery.php
Inventory: DVD Only
file formats: "acidized" wave
primray instrument: Band/Ensemble
primary style: Mixed Styles
file count: 1612 files

Included in the DVD only!.
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Due to overwhelming response, I'm now offering the ENTIRE Sound Gallery Collection to all interested parties...That's right! All 191 weeks -- over 1600 wave files -- can be yours now. I spent alot of time and put a great deal of heart and soul into bringing these sounds to all my loyal Sound Gallery visitors each week. It's been a great ride and I'd love to thank all 60,000 of you in person, but I need a break. Hope you keep making great music and finding the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.

Week Size File Name Download
106 116Kb Bigbreakmix100 mp3
118 116Kb Phatattack100fs mp3
132 140Kb Superfunk85s mp3
135 120Kb Fastlane100h mp3
137 140b Fantasy85gs mp3
140 280Kb Luketune80brg mp3
145 284Kb Lc10lbballs82 mp3
146 296Kb Timwhitec154 mp3
152 76Kb Goinpostal160 mp3
154 128Kb Bigkit92a mp3
160 288Kb Lukeuprightgroove80 mp3
174 120Kb Volume6 98g mp3
180 76Kb Radsv7demo80c mp3
188 72Kb Spaceghetto85h mp3
190 84Kb On The Pipe72c mp3
191 68Kb Jungle Mungle90 mp3

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