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miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Free sf2 download Melodic instruments descargas sonidos gratis para hacer melodias


Melodic instruments FREE DOWNLOAD

[feb. 22. 1998] HS Pads and Textures II [hs_pt2.zip, 3.1MB]
DOWNLOAD The sequel to Pads and Textures I, one of the most popular soundfonts I've made. The soundfont is rather big, but it is worth the download time. The sounds are all 'huge' vox-string-whoosh-ish sounds, created in a surprisingly short time based on samples from the web.

[dec. 20. 1997] HS TB-303 [hs_tb303.zip, 991kB]
DOWNLOAD 17 different 'instruments' sampled from the Roland TB-303 analog synthesizer. This synthesizer is used a lot in 'modern' dance music / techno mostly for bass-lines and arpeggiators. The 'typical' TB-303 sound has a closing filter with plenty of resonance.

[dec. 18. 1997] HS Synth Collection I [hs_synt1.zip, 2.1MB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of 21 typical synthesizer instruments. The sounds were originally created on the synthesizers/samplers P600, DX-7, Fairlight and Synclavier.

[dec. 18. 1997] HS Pads and Textures I [hs_pt1.zip, 1.6MB]
DOWNLOAD Im a big fan of huge complex textures. The Ensoniq EPS-16+ is perfect for this sort of things, with its huge amount of layers and excellent modulation features. This is my first attempt on (re)creating some of my textures and pads on the (more limited) emu8000 (AWE32) engine.

[dec. 18. 1997] HS Vox [hs_vox.zip, 410kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of 'voxy' sounds (Vocal Aaahh's and Ooohh's that often sound quite synthetic). The sounds were sampled from the Korg M1 Synthesizer and from the Ensoniq EPS 16+ sampler.

[dec. 18. 1997] HS Strings [hs_strng.zip, 900kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of strings, some are more natural-sounding than others. The strings were sampled from the Korg M1 and the Ensoniq VFX synthesizers.

Sound Effects

[jan. 25. 1998] HS StarTrekFX [hs_trkfx.zip, 643kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of sound effects from the StarTrek series, including lazer guns, alarms, bird tweeting and several other weird noises. The samples were found on the net some years ago.

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