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miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

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Sound Design at HammerSound

The Sound Design section is a place where you can find information about designing and using your own sounds for musical purposes. Here you'll find articles about sound creation and links to tools you can use. At the present time, this section is geared towards sound design using SoundBlaster AWE and SBLive! soundcards, at least when it comes to the details of editing instrument parameters. Still, most of the information found here can be applied to any decent modern sampler or synth.

A Sound, an Instrument, a Patch, a Program (or whatever you like to call it), designed on a traditional sampler / synthesizer is built out of two different entities, on two different levels : the Sample(s) and the Instrument Parameters. To be able to design good sounds, you have to have the knowledge and skill to create sound at both levels. This site will try to provide some of the knowledge you might need, the skills will come from trying out the tools, experimenting and 'doing it yourself'. Knock yourself out!

The Art of SoundFont: A Step-by-Step Guide
I've finally been able to track down a copy of Jess Skov-Nielsens excellent article about soundfont creation. The article was featured on the Creative Inspire webpages some time ago, but mysteriously disappeared. It is a very good introduction to anyone interested in creating their own soundfonts using Vienna. The link is to a zip-file containing a PDF file as well as some samples that accompany the tutorial. The PDF-file was put together from the original webpages by Michael Coleman, webmaster of the GlowGeorge website. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it. As mentioned above, the article was writen by Jess Skov-Nielsen. I don't have his email address, but would really like to get in touch with him, so if anyone knows how to reach him, please let me know.

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