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domingo, 18 de mayo de 2008

Fruity Loops 6 Techno Tutorial - Part 1


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Fruity loops is a highly underrated program when it comes to music production software. I find the layout and usability of FL Studio top very ingenious. Songs are structured with on the basis of compiling various patterns and layering various elements of these patterns. Automation is used with effects and instruments to achieve various results and make the songs interesting. But today i would like to compile a fruity loops 6 tutorial, on how to make a techno track. We will start from loading up drum samples, then mastering these samples, then making a pattern structure, then implementing a melody with a softsynth provided and then finally doing some automation and exporting. Firstly a note, this tutorial will be showing true techno music, not some scooter or paul van dyk, they aren’t techno!

First things first! You need to have a Fruity Loops version 6 installed and working. When that is done open it up.

  1. Download fruity-loops-6-techno-tutorial-part-1.zip file which contains all of the audio samples i used in this song we are about to make. Extract these to the desktop then go into fruity loops: Options > File Settings. Then click on one of the folder icons and select the folder location of the sample pack you downloaded. Another method would just be to copy the samples into your root sample location. But meh! Both work for this tutorial.
  2. Next make sure you have the file browser open on the left hand side. Then search for your sample folder name and expand it to see the list of audio files in the folder. If you don’t see the file browser press “F8″.
  3. Now that we have the house cleaning stuff sorted lets first set up our master effects channel, so that when we are working with the samples they sound good and just how they would sound in the final mastering, well almost! So make sure you have the master effects channel open by firstly pressing “F9″ and then clicking on the bar that says master. Then click on the little arrow next to the 8th effects channel: fl1.jpg Then click on “Select > Fruity Multiband Compressor”. This compressor is new to Fruity Loops in version 6 and is a demon. Once you have then compressor loaded into bay 8, click on the name of it to toggle the window, make sure it is showing. In the top right hand corner of the Fruity Multiband Compressor are two arrows facing opposite ways. This is the preset toggle option. Right click on it and select “Mastering 2.4db”. Yay now we have a compressor. But for techno it is also good to have another compressor on the master channel to give it a bit more punch. So on bay 7 of the master effects load up the effect “Fruity Compressor” and select the “Complete Mix” Preset.
  4. So we have our master channel set up, but we don’t have any sounds banging out yet. Lets get our bassdrum going. On the left hand side of the fruity loops window drag and drop the file name Fb0205.Bd on to the label “Kick” which is on the pattern selector. Make sure the pattern selector is toggled by pressing F6. fl2.jpg Next right click on the big rectangle thing that now says Fb0205.Bd, which before said Kick and select “Fill Each 4 Steps”. Press spacebar to play! You now have a meaty kick going at 140bpm. But we can make this sound better. So jump to step 5.
  5. Left click on the sample, where it says Fb0205.Bd in the pattern maker window to bring up the channel settings window. The top right of the sample channel settings window has an LCD panel, which has two horizontal lines. Left click on it and whilst holding the left mouse button drag it up so it says “1″. You have now patched this sample into the FX bay channel 1. Which you should now see on the FX channel. We are going to load more compressors and EQ’s onto this thing. So in the FX channel 1, add another multiband compressor to it, and select the preset “maximize 2″. Add another fruity compressor on channel 7 and set the preset to “Brickwall”. Press spacebar to play! More power. Next in Channel 6 add a “Delay 2″ and set the cutoff to almost nothing, just so you hear a little bounce back. Yay a rolling kick! But you can’t make an entire track from a kick.
  6. Now its time for a second kick to give it more punch. Drag and drop the sample EB-house_kick-8 onto the Clap sample and fill it every 4 beats. Then patch that sample to the second FX Channel and add a fruity compressor on the 8th FX bay with the preset complete mix. Bam More power. If you just got lost here, do steps 4 and 5 again.
  7. So we have two kicks going, one with lots of bass and the other with punch. Now lets add some hats! Add Fb3407.Hh and EB-trance_OPhh_2 to the last 2 sample banks in the pattern maker. Set each to fill for every 4 beats and patch them through to FX bay 3. Now you can manually put in the pattern, or since we did fill every 4 beats, while holding the shift button and click where the green lights are in this image: fl3.jpg Once both have green lights hold the shift key and press the right arrow on your keyboard twice to move them on the 3rd beat of each bar. We got some hats going now! But they need some depth. In the 3rd FX channel add a Fruity Reverb 2 and turn the Wet parameter (On the right hand side slider) to 20%. You can find the measurement up in the top left of the fruity loops window, just under the file edit channels etc. menu.
  8. Lets start adding some more elements. Drag the sample Fb2016.Perc just under the last sample on the pattern maker. Patch it to the FX Channel 4 and add a Fruity Delay Bank to the Bay 8. Click once on the right preset arrow (Top Right of the Fruity Delay Bank Window). Next on the FX Bay 8, you will see a little dial on the right of the FX i.e on the right of FX Bay 8 where it says Fruity Delay Bank. Set this to 30%. Add the reset of the samples and i will show you below what fx to make and what settings.

Sample Settings

FX Channel: 3
Channel Settings: Volume 25%EB-trance_snare_1:
FX Channel: 3

FX Channel: 3
Channel Settings: Volume 50%

FX Channel: 5

FX Channel: 3
Channel Settings: Volume 60%

FX Channel Settings:
FX Channel 5:
Bay 8: Fruity Delay Bank
Preset: 3 Echos
FB Filt Cut: 13%

  1. So now we have the settings, you’ve added all the samples, and set up the patching to the FX Bays with the appropriate Effects settings and so. But you have no pattern! Well copy what is below!


    If you can’t follow what is above, please see the fruity loops tutorial file provided. Press spacebar and enjoy your creation.

  2. Next comes some melody! Click up the top of the fruity loops window and click on channels > add one > Sytrus. This comes with the producer version of Fruity Loops 6 but can also be bought outright as a softsynth. Make sure the instrument window is showing, you should see a purple window. On the Left hand side, where all the samples for this tutorial file are located, locate the Tutorial.fst file in the file browser. It will have a little green s icon. Drag and drop this file on the Purple Sytrus Window. You will now have the patch, or soundtype made for this tutorial. Usually i do not use Sytrus for Techno basses, but it comes with Fruity Loops so i thought i better use it than give simple another sample file made from another VST Synth. Patch the synth through to FX Channel 6 with a fruity compressor with complete mix set as the preset and a paramatic EQ on the 7th bay with these settings: Set the FX Channel volume (The red slider of FX Channel 6) to 65%.


  3. Now that we have the right sound we need a melody. Right click on the purple rectangle in the pattern maker and click on Piano Roll. Making sure Line is selected here: fl6.jpg Enter in this melody with the paint brush tool. Resize and arrange as necessary.


  4. Now here is the trick. If you press space bar, the drums will stop and the melody will keep playing. This is because the melody is longer than 4 beats. So click on this orange button in the pattern maker window: fl8.jpg This will make the drums continue to play with the melody. So now we have a melody playing with the drums. Feel free to add more instruments or tweak the sound.
  5. hat is it for this tutorial. I have shown you how to add samples, do some basic mastering and layering. Use the effects channel, arrange beats, navigate through files and make a melody. Next i will continue this tutorial by showing how to arrange a full song with events and automation. Firstly continue to play with the samplers and options in all of the effects bays.

    As i said before, the sytrus synth does not fully suit techno music. I think this synth has too much a metallic sound, not enough crunch and underlying bass. I recommend looking at Vanguard VST and Albino. Two powerful synths that i often use for my basses.

    Here is an export of what you should be hearing: fruity-loops-6-techno-tutorial-part-1.mp3

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment here and i will gladly reply to you!

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