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viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

how to add fx effects in a proyect using fl studio tutorials free


Basics: 5, Adding FX (Effects)

This'll show you how to get vsts and directX plugins into your track so you can mash up dem soundz like the propa rude boy you always thought you were!

, All you have to do is click on the relevant channel (instrument) that you want to add FX to...

, Then, its property box (channel settings) should open, in the right hand corner is a light green shaded box. Route your instrument to an FX channel (by dragging it up),.

, Now open the FX window by either double clicking the light green box, or using the shortcut panel shown below. (Keyboard shortcut: F9)

The FX window (shown below) will now open.

, OK, click on the arrow to the left of a slot, like in the picture above, and add an effect (VST or DX).

, Choose one from the list, or if the one you want isn't listed as a favorite, choose "More..." for a list of the rest of the plugins found on your system (You might need to point Fruityloops to your VST plugins folder in the folder options, (shortcut = F10 then click on 'File' on the left.))

, Now edit your plugin while playing, experiment and see what sounds you can create, it's more fun creating than just loading a sample. Particuarly effective is adding delay to a TB404, or adding chorus to a lacklustre bass synth.

Another great effect is to slowly build up a couple of synths in tandem, use a filter, automate the cutoff frequency and band pass, this is one of the best things about Fruityloops, automating, which put simply, just means recording knob and fader movements or editing them manually to move in time...

The Lowdown:

You have 16 FX channels in Fruityloops v3, and 64 in FL Studio v4+, each FX channel can hold 8 plugins in series (one after the other). FLStudio v4 introduced a wet/dry knob to the right of each plugin slot, so you can now mix as much or as little as you like of the effect in to the mix. It also has a master channel and 4 sends. And if thats not enough, you can send the OUT of one FX channel to the input of another fx channel to add another 8 FX plugins there!

One thing to really remember about using FX plugins, is to always make sure all your plugins are using a feature called 'smart disable', which is an option to have the plugins automaticlly turn off when they are not in use, which can save a massive amount of CPU power. This can be activated for each plugin indivually in the options list from a button on the top left of your plugin or, better still, in the mixers options (top left button) there is a 'Switch smart disable for all' which makes sure all the plugins that are loaded are using this feature - If your still using Fruityloops v3, you will find this option in Tools / misc macros / switch smart disable for all. v4 and 5 now have it in the plugins menu.

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