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miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

How to puse BassPM example 2


A cover of the Breeders "cannonball" with my bass PM synth and addictive drums demo in the background.

I choosed "Cannonball", because it is a rather cool bass riff, it uses only E string and has lots of bends.

Next video will probably feature the 4 strings.

There is no effect, except Guitar Suite rednef amp sim to add some warmth.

In this video, I tried to show the pitch bend, hand fret noise, and various features:
- pickups positionning
- pickups mix
- pick positionning
- alternative tunings
- fine tuning screws

At first, you can hear a fret noise, as you see the hand moving. Then, you can hear a (cool) swoope, that consist of one E note, a pitch bend and a hand movement.

The fine tuning is subtil to hear, as it doesn't influence open tuning, but only fretted tuning. (I could make it influence open tuning too, but then it would be painfull to set). So i decided to have the head mechanics changing main tuning(open), and fine tuning screws to change only fretted tuning; it means that fine tuning influence will be greater if the notes are higher (down the neck).

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