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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

MonoMachine and MachineDrum


MonoMachine and MachineDrum

In the near future (possibly the next couple hours) I'll put up a thoughtful post on some aspect of the music industry and we can all argue and laugh and cry and ban people and stuff. But in the interim, I'll mention that I got my LensBaby 3G lens today for my Nikon. I was wondering how the camera work in the Buchla Music Easel film that was making the rounds lately was done, and thanks to a hint from the kindly Professor Kirn in this post on CDM, we learn that a LensBaby 3G was used. Since I'm a big fan of little depth-of-field, I determined this was Exactly What I Needed, and furthermore Deductable (by virtue of posting the pictures that result in this very blog.)

Moog Source - LensBaby

So, yes, that's my MonoMachine and MachineDrum up top, and here's my oft-used Source, all arty and shit. Thanks, and I'll just add that receipt to the stack. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. (Or you can hit my Flickr page for new pictures of the synth community's most famous cat, Pablo, also done with the LensBaby, because he's patient like that.)

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