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miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

A Music Evolution Introduction To SoundFont Technology What Are SoundFont Banks?


What Are SoundFont Banks?
A SoundFont bank contains .wav files that are mapped to sections on a keyboard for playback. A SoundFont-compatible sound card, like the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS, is like having a professional digital sampler in your computer.

What Is Required To Use SoundFont Banks?
To listen to and use SoundFont banks in your music applications, you will need a sound card which is SoundFont-compatible. All of the PCI-based Sound Blaster Live!, SoundB laster Audigy series of sound cards, as well as the USB Sound Blaster Extigy and Audigy 2 NX, come with SoundFont capability right out of the box! In addition, many software samplers including E-MU's E-MUlator X software sampler read SoundFont banks.

Why Would I Want To Use The SoundFont Format Over The Other Types Of Sound Formats Available?
Imagine being able to share a MIDI file, complete with your own custom sound sets. With SoundFont technology, the world can hear your music exactly the way you intended! External musical instruments (i.e., synthesizers and samplers) can be expensive and cumbersome for the amateur musician. Software synthesizers and samplers can drain your system's resources, especially when using more professional grade musical creation tools. Because SoundFont technology is hardware accelerated by the PCI-based Sound Blaster Live! and Audigy series of sound cards, it only needs to use your computer's RAM. Therefore, you can use the full power of your processor for making great music!

How Can I Create My Own SoundFont-Compatible Banks?
You can create SoundFont-compatible banks easily using Vienna SoundFont Studio.

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