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miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

What is a multisamples?



Multisamples are programs made from single samples. They are simmilar to typical AKAI programs, but much more advanced. Every NOTE in mutisample is assigned to different key (1 or 2 keys). It means that sound perfectly matches the original character of sampled synth, which is almost impossible using typical AKAI commercial programs. It is very important when playing techno/trance leads to perfectly match the original synth sound. Noone else these days gives such offer to you, believe us.

It's enough for you to have multisamples and program like FRUITY LOOPS, ORION, REASON, KONTAKT, HALION, MACH5 to play hi-quality sounds. You can listen to the commercial demos on this site. These demos contains tunes (some of them are well-known), played BY US, but you can play YOUR OWN melodies using OUR MULTISAMPLES. If you will listen to the demo, you will understand that your lead-lines won't differs from the best commercial tracks.

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